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Model:  RSDM

Max. Printing width: 3.200 mm

Printing table: made for 14 colors but 12 colors installed

Color application system: Magnet system

Endring system: Open Bearing

Year of construction : Zimmer Rotary: 1998

Year of construction: Aigle 2006

Dryer: 4 Chamber  with 3 passages

Heating system on the dryer: Gas

Operating side: left

Color feeding side: right


This machine is composed of:


Fabric entry from A Frames

J Box

Printing table with glueing system

AIGLE Flocking installation

12 Printing stations

12 Magnet bars with power regulation

12 Color feeding pumps (pneumatic)

Blanket washing device

Dryer in upper position 4 Chamber

Fabric exit with plaiting device.

01 Rotary printing machine Johannes Zimmer with AIGLE Flocking unit

SKU: 4-24-002
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