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Single pass digital printing machine:

Brand name:                            MS / ITALY

Model:                                        LARIO
Max. printing width:             1800 mm
No. colors:                                6 with 2 on 1 color

No. of Bars:                               7

No.of heads installed :        95
Yoc of the machine:             2013

Yoc of the heads:                  2023

Dryer :                                       4 Chambers Gas heated


Fabric entry with relaxing belt
Fabric heating plate, electrical heated
Printing blanket from Habasit with Thermoplast  glueing system
Printing unit MS LARIO with 7 Bars, color feeding
Dryer with 4 Chambers and plaiting on the Exit

MS Lario Single pass printer

SKU: 4-23-013
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